The journey to becoming a writer begins, err continues

In many ways, the journey began back when I was in 4th grade in Mr. Myhill’s class. He had a love for story writing, and I remember vividly sitting and writing story after story in his class. They were, of course, the sort of nonsensical stories that piqued the imagination of a 9 year old, but the settings and the characters I created are still imprinted in my memory.

Mr. Myhill would bring us all down the hall into the computer lab and encourage us to write stories. Often. Whatever the idea that came to us, he wanted us to get it down on paper and explore the idea. And, to make the process all the more exciting, he began sharing parts of a story he was writing with us. We would sit huddled on the floor listening to our teacher proudly read us the stories he was himself creating.

Fast forward to my college years when my now wife (then girlfriend) would tease me that I was majoring in Paper Writing. Writing a 50, 60, or 100 page paper was a somewhat normal thing in college. And, without a doubt, given the opportunity, I would usually write more than what was necessary to complete the assignment. Expressing myself through written words has always been my preferred form of communication.

One time in law school, a professor of mine had picked a few samples of anonymous writing that he thought was particularly well-written to share to the class. Out of a rather large class, he had selected mine as an example, and read it out loud to the class. I was of course quite pleased with myself knowing the secret that it was my work. But, when he was done, his comment: "This is very well written, my only criticism is that it is verbose and flowery." Oof.

So it was. While embarking upon my legal career—​which meant that I was a professional writer—​I sought to reign in my long-windedness and proclivity towards expressive prose. I honed my writing skills to attack the point I was making. To make each word on the page meaningful in its placement and usage. My writing became tight, and for lack of a better word, lawyerly.

But now, I seek to do something new.

I am a writer.

I love to write.

And now, I am writing my first novel.

We shall see where it takes me. But, I hope to share the journey here with you.

The goal: to hold a published work of my own in my hands. Wish me luck.

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