Adam Hopkins

Python developer. Open Source OSS contributor. Sanic Sanic Maintainer.
Husband. Father. Son. Brother.
A proud and happy man.

class Adam:
    work = PacketFabric("Director of Software Engineering")
    oss = Sanic("Core Maintainer")
    home = Israel("Negev")

    async def run(self, inputs: Union[Pretzels, Coffee]) -> None:
        while True:
    def sleep(self):
        raise NotImplementedError

What I've Written

Some blog articles you can find on this site

What I've Built

Some open source projects I maintain

What I've Said

Some presentations I've given at tech conferences

What I've Done

Some roles I've had in the past
Director of Software Engineering PacketFabric
Full Stack, Principal Engineer Matrix Retail
CTO/CLO Optymizer
Principal AHopLaw
Associate Attorney Looney & Grossman
Associate Attorney Donovan | Hatem

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