Adam Hopkins

Python developer. Open Source OSS contributor. Sanic Sanic Maintainer.
Husband. Father. Son. Brother.
A proud and happy man.

class Adam:
    work = PacketFabric("Vice President of Software Engineering")
    oss = Sanic("Core Maintainer")
    home = Israel("Negev")

    async def run(self, inputs: Union[Pretzels, Coffee]) -> None:
        while True:
    def sleep(self):
        raise NotImplementedError

What I've Written

Some blog articles you can find on this site

What I've Built

Some open source projects I maintain

What I've Said

Some presentations I've given at tech conferences

Closing Keynote PyCon IL 2023

What I've Done

Some roles I've had in the past
Current 🌟
Vice President of Software Engineering PacketFabric
Full Stack, Principal Engineer Matrix Retail
CTO/CLO Optymizer
Principal AHopLaw
Associate Attorney Looney & Grossman
Associate Attorney Donovan | Hatem

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